We recently reported about the sudden departure of Seth Killian, former competitive fighting game phenom, from his role as Capcom’s Community Manager and Special Combat Advisor. It’s no surprising that someone as genuine and loved by his community has found a new place to call home so quickly. In a move that should increase interest in Sony PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Killian has been brought on as the Lead Game Designer for the Sony Santa Monica’s external group.

In addition to his work over the years with the Street Fighter series, Killian is also a co-founder of the Evolution Championship Series (EVO). This amounts to some serious credibility being thrown behind the All-Stars title, which we noticed had some slightly unbalanced mechanics when we briefly saw it at E3. Right now, Sony’s title offers lots of fan service, but with this master of the digital martial arts on board, hopes are high that it can be a balanced, technically-superior experience in addition to a showcase for PlayStation mascots.

Gamespot has a fantastic interview with Seth Killian about the lessons he’ll be bringing from Capcom to Sony Santa Monica, the reasons why he departed his former employer and thoughts on Battle Royale’s competition in the genre. This is great news not just for the fighting game community, but for the industry at large. We’re lucky to have someone like Killian.