Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada had a discussion with shareholders recently. One statement may be particularly important to fans of Final Fantasy VII and their dreams of a remake. Wada stated that until they create a title in the franchise that exceeds the quality of VII, they have no intention of remaking the title. If they did, they feel the franchise would be dead. He also admitted that the recent entries in the popular franchise have not met their expectations, and that they have some work to do.

While this news may be a little tough to stomach for fans, it does give a nice view of the thinking behind the refusal of a remake. For so long, the answer was simply “Nope,” and now we have the reason. Another positive from Wada’s admittance of the current state of the most recent releases is that they realize they aren’t putting out the quality fans expect. Until we see something that can top FFVII, we will have to keep our hopes alive for a Steam release of the original.

Are we looking at VII with rose tinted shades and putting it on an unattainable pedestal, or has Square really put out some stinkers over the years? Personally, Final Fantasy IX is my favorite title in the series, and I think the team can top VII, let us know what you think in the comments below.



  1. While I see where Wada is going with that, it’s still so unfortunate that this is the case. I’m glad to see that the possibility is there but, I feel it’s going to take years for them to top VII. I look at it from the other side of the spectrum to I guess. Where Wada see’s a remake as the franchise’s death, I see a way to breath new life into it. Giving fans the opportunity to come back into the franchise and show them what they can do might captivate who may have stopped playing the series and re-ignite the success for future titles. Not to mention the revenue off a remake. I myself stopped playing after X. I’ve tried the titles after that and am always left with nostalgia for the earlier titles. A remake could be a great way for Square-Enix to show that they can still bring it. All I know is, weather I’m 25 or 55, whenever they decide that it’s time for the remake, I’ll have cash in hand, ready for the purchase because when it come’s to FFVII, I’m not going anywhere.

    •  I just wanted to add that I don’t understand the justification of remaking FFX opposed to FFVII. I guess I don’t get what the difference is in doing that. A far less called for game in the franchise (And a game that I feel doesn’t really need a remake) instead of arguably the most requested remake in the video gaming industry. Right now, for me, it’s all about the WHY.

  2. As far as I’m concerned FF4 and 6 were better by far than 7. So in a round about way they’ve already topped 7. But remake 4 and 6 instead. Making the jump from 16bit to current or next gen would be more interesting than jumping from a PS1 game in my view as well. 

  3. VII Was by far the best. I loved X but nothing will hold a flame to the story of VII. Square Enix lost me after X. Nothing the companies have put out has been a must have. If they remake VII I’ll for sure buy it but it will be the death of the franchise. But in my eyes it died after X.

  4. Well a remake to me wouldn’t kill the franchise unless they changed some things. The classic materia that granted the user power. Looking at other games such as Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerebus it gave gamers gasps about the story in FF7 itself. Cause when you look back at FF7, the tale was sort of brief and as you got farther you learned more. When Enix made the other games of FF7’s franchise, it unfolded mysteries that people wondered about the franchise. Now if Square-Enix was to make a remake it would still have to keep original details that made players love FF7 in the first place. Such as the plot, the battle system(that was sort of used in other FF titles), and the Golden Saucer. Yes the Golden Saucer, I say this because FF7 was part of the start of fun mini-games aside the nerve racking WEAPON battles. Square Enix can make a remarkable remake that will not kill the FF7 franchise. All they need to worry about is making sure not to cut out to much from the original FF7 that I and many of people come to love.

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