Have you abandoned your PSP¬†only to find that you want to play some PSOne classics like Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Spyro the Dragon or Parasite Eve on the go? Well, you’re just the tiniest bit closer to being able to enjoy them on your Vita. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has confirmed that it will be the 1.80 firmware update that finally adds PSOne support to Sony‘s new handheld.

Unfortunately, that’s the most complete information we can offer. Their announcement simply stated that v.1.80 will be available “sometime this summer,” which is pretty much exactly what we were told at Sony’s press conference at E3. Given that the Vita is currently hovering at v.1.69, there is at least one more system update sitting between us and PSOne support, which I (and pretty much everyone else who owns one) still believe should have been a feature at launch. But every time I write up something about the Vita, I tread pretty much the same ground, so I’ll just leave it at this today:

PSOne support coming this summer with firmware update v.1.80. It’s about time.