Bigpoint, creators of the free-to-play Battlestar Galactica MMO, have turned their attention away from interstellar travel to the fantasy world of Westeros with their upcoming Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms. According to the developer, the game will be focusing in on key moments from the HBO series, rather than the books themselves, allowing you to experience some of your favourite events from the show.

According to the game’s website (which is extremely scant on details), players will be able to pledge allegiance to House Stark, Lannister or Baratheon, and will have the choice to be a “loyal servant and footsoldier to the realm” or “deceive and betray for personal gain.” What we do know is that the game will allow players to form alliances through PvP, siege combat, and politics, in order to gain control of Westeros. Given the source material, I would also hope that the alliances you forge can be at least somewhat fluid: treachery and backstabbing are staples of the series.

The first footage of the game will hit during the San Diego Comic Con, and beta testing is set to happen later in the year. Yes, in the winter probably. Go ahead and make your jokes.