Even if you have loved past Halo single player experiences, there is no denying the power of the franchise’s mutiplayer offerings.  Second in popularity on consoles perhaps only to the Call of Duty series, Halo 4 is looking to reclaim the top spot on the Xbox 360 with its upcoming multiplayer options.  What promises to be the most expansive suite yet, however, may also prove to be the biggest hard drive install for the series.

Microsoft has stated that the multiplayer portion of Halo 4 alone will take up at least 8 GB of memory.  Yes, that’s right.  At least eight.  USB Flash Drives with enough storage space can also be used if players lack the hard drive space.  Though for the “optimal experience,” according to Microsoft, it is best to download the multiplayer suite on the Xbox 360’s proprietary hard drive, which is often the case when installing games on the console for improved performance.

It is an interesting move to require this, considering a large part of the 360-owning population likely have an Arcade, Core or 4 GB console model and will not be able to jump into battle without an additional purchase.  Halo fans are likely dedicated enough, though, that if they find themselves in such a predicament they will be willing to pay for whatever additions are necessary to get in on the action. I would not blame them; Halo 4‘s multiplayer is simultaneously looking to play catch-up with other franchises and advance their innovations.  I, for one, will make sure I have the space free, as the promise of Spartan Ops and a hub world on a UNSC ship are well worth the download.

via [Joystiq]


  1. I really wish Microsoft would make it easier to buy a hard drive and use it with the 360. As it stands now, you can use external hard drives through a USB connection, but it only uses 16GB. It’s the same with USB flash drives larger than 16GB. The rest is useless.

    Still, if you have an old hard drive, you might consider picking up a HDD enclosure that connects via USB, though with prices now it’s probably cheaper to just buy a 16GB flash drive.

    The 16GB limit is only for holding XBox-formatted content. You can connect a normal hard drive with music and video files on it and play it just fine without formatting and with it larger than 16GB.