I’m really into something that I’m kind of ashamed about. It’s creepypasta. If you’re unaware of what that is, creepypasta is essentially the internet incarnation of scary urban legends. These stories are passed around on message boards across the web and, while sometimes scary, they’re more often ridiculous and silly.

As someone who doesn’t believe in the supernatural, I’m still weirdly obsessed and freaked out by these silly stories. Take the Suicidemouse.avi tale which is about how Leonard Maltin found a lost clip of an old Mickey Mouse cartoon that makes you go insane after watching it. If video game horror stories are more your taste, you might want to look up the tale of the haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge, or the Morrowind mod that made a particular player dive into the depths of insanity.

A particular creepypasta that I enjoy is the Slender Man, a concept originally created on the SomethingAwful forums. What’s scary about the Slender Man is the fact that he was intentionally designed to not have a lot of things known about him, thus letting readers fill in the horrific blanks. Well, now you can experience the terror of the urban legend yourself, as the beta to a free, first-person game about it has been released.

Created by Parsec Productions, Slender takes a lot of cues from Amnesia in terms of low lighting, absence of music and focus on environmental noises. It’s amazingly effective. Here’s the trailer:

You can pick up Slender for Windows here and at a mirror site here, and for Mac OSX here.

via [Indie Games]