Last night we put together a stream for fans to win some beta keys to the closed beta of Path of Exile. Throughout the day, the RipTenTV streaming team worked out the details of what was to be a hardcore (single death) race over a three or four hour period. As the day went on, we promoted the race here and on the PoE forums. About an hour before the start of the RipTenTV launch extravaganza we were visited by Chris Wilson, Lead Designer and the man that started it all at Grinding Gear Games.

After a little bit of discussion, Chris Wilson told us he could create a unique ladder race for us. A ladder race in Path of Exile is a unique game mode for the action RPG. Players compete over a set amount of time (3 – 4 hours) to try to be the first to reach certain areas and levels. In normal races, winners are awarded unique items that can only be won in this mode. Once the RipTenTV ladder race league was created, teams were made and things got under way. Six vs Six was the name of the game, and we tallied the score based on quests completed and multiplied by the average experience from all party member divided by deaths. There is no elequent way to say this. My team won. We won in a BIG way and we just destroyed Zyx and crew!  (You can watch the full stream here.)

In all honesty, if you watch the stream, we expected to lose and you’ll hear me mention multiple times that it isn’t about the winning, but the community and putting on a good show. Throughout the night, we broke 100 viewers a few times and had a wonderful time. This was a very successful launch for our new initiative here at RipTen, and I hope more of you join us in the future. We won’t always stream Path of Exile, though. We want to know what the community wants to see. Let us know here, and we will look at getting times set up for other titles. As always, come hang out with the crew and special guests, every night, rain or shine, at 9:30 EST.

Hope to see you guys in the stream soon! Again, thanks to Chris Wilson and all of the community for showing up and making it a fantastic night for everyone!