Those of you who love to play Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, but hate to spend money, are in luck. Free-to-play is the new pay-to-play and the Sony Online Entertainment MMO is falling in line with the current trend. Vanguard producer Andy Sites published a new Producer Letter, announcing in comically-small text that the game will be going Free-To-Play in the next several weeks. A specific date hasn’t been announced; according to Sites, SOE wants to make sure they take the proper amount of time to deliver the best experience they can.

The Vanguard team has released a free-to-play feature matrix as well as a FAQ so that players can start getting acquainted with the changes that are coming. The developers are nixing the Silver membership, folding some of those features into the free-to-play, while retaining the Gold membership. The free-to-play model is going live this summer and they’ll begin rolling out content on their test server in the coming weeks.

Be sure to check out the Producer Letter for the complete scoop. Seriously, could that text get any smaller?