Final Fantasy VII has been in the news quite a bit recently.  From the registration of a certain domain name to the discussion about what it will take for a remake to actually come to fruition.  While the latter may still be a pipe dream, the former appears to no longer be a rumor but a reality.  The previously registered url,, is now home to an actual website announcing the upcoming PC port of the landmark RPG.

Available exclusively through the Square Enix online store, the Final Fantasy VII port looks to be just that – a port, so those expecting an HD remake will have to keep waiting.  Now, if you are wondering why you should not just dust off your original PlayStation and play the game there, the port does include a few enhancements.  For one, the game will include 36 achievements players can unlock and compare with friends, though what those will be is still a mystery at the moment.

Other updates involve a character booster, which appears to be the port’s “win” button.  The booster allows for players, if they are stuck in a dire situation, to increase their HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximums.  Likely an inclusion for new players, this addition may help some unfamiliar with the game’s mechanics.  The final update mentioned on the website is cloud saves so you can pick up where you left off on any compatible computer.  And yes, we have already heard every “Cloud” saves jokes you could think of, but feel free to give us your best in the comments.

On the hardware side of things, the game will actually require a bit from your PC: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit), 1 GB RAM, a 2 GHz Processor or faster and a DirectX 9-compatible graphic card.  If you head over to the official site, you can also view some screenshots and character bios of the main cast, as well as the announcement trailer for the port.

While this may not be the fully upgraded remake fans have been pining for, this is surely to keep some satiated for the time being.  Either way, let us know if you will be grabbing it when it comes out (no release date or price has been provided, but Square Enix has told VG24/7 that more details will be revealed within the next day).  Personally, I am just waiting for the PlayStation Vita update that will let me play the game on my handheld, but this does not sound like a bad alternative.