Earlier this week, I came across a trailer for an upcoming documentary entitled More Than a Game. The film follows a few top players in the competitive fighting game community as they prepare themselves, both physically and mentally, for the Evolution 2011 tournament. I am a big fan of video game documentaries, especially those focused on competitive fighting games, such as Ian Cofino‘s I Got Next and the documentary about tournament player Mike Ross, entitled Focus.

It should come as no surprise that I became excited as soon as I had heard about this new entry. As it stands, the documentary team released a trailer two and a half months ago with a message saying “June 2012” at the end. News on the official Facebook page posted a week ago, states that they are “working with a specialist from Newcastle getting the film ready for a screening at Evo 2012”.

The trailer can be found on Vimeo, or by clicking right here. Be warned that there is some NSFW language, so be sure to watch without the kids in the room. We reached out to the filmmaker Tom Hewett to find out about a wider release after EVO 2012. Hewett shared with us that the screening at EVO 2012 will technically be the “rough cut,” and will clock in at about three hours. He recognizes that’s a bit long, and the final cut (which will be completed in the next two to three weeks) will be more streamlined.

Once that is completed, Hewett plans to enter the film into a number of festivals, with a wide, free release for the public in August or September. The documentary will be made available for download and streaming online.

EVO 2012 will be held at the beeper-friendly Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas this weekend, June 6 – 8, 2012.