Max Payne 3 multiplayer has been a success, and in light of that, Rockstar is looking to get more of your faces in the game. Previously, they picked a few lucky people to have their likenesses used as for gang members avatars, and now they are up to it again. The winners will show up in the game upon the release of a new DLC pack launching this fall.

This contest will be held across all systems the title appears on and will have scheduled play times to qualify. Check out some information straight from Rockstar:

Beginning tomorrow, and for all of July, we’ll be hosting a series of Social Club Multiplayer Event playlists across all platforms and in both Soft Lock and Free Aim game modes. Twice a week, for the next four weeks, you will see “Social Club Event Playlist” appear in the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer menus (see full schedule below). Startup Max Payne 3 and select the playlist. Complete one full game with an account linked to Social Club, and you’ll automatically be in consideration to have your face in the game.

Each week we will reach out via email to a randomly selected group of players who have participated and invite them to submit photos of themselves for consideration to be one of our new Gang Avatars. Those selected must respond with a picture within 24 hours to be considered. One person each week will be selected for casting. If you aren’t initially picked, you can enter again the following week, simply by playing another session in the Social Club Multiplayer Event playlist.

Make sure you have your Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network account linked to Social Club. If you haven’t already set up a Social Club account, click here to do so. If you already have a Social Club account, click here to link your gaming network account.

To make sure you show up at the right times, follow this handy schedule:

The previous winners seemed to fit the bill, so get in on this rare chance to make your mark in gaming.

If you need any additional information, visit the main page here.