BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel is an advertising agency that is looking for a powerful programmer. Now my idea of someone with that description is one that can tear into some code, squash bugs and see lines of language like Neo. Well, apparently, Yossi Lubaton, CEO of the agency is more concerned about your ability to crush the Prime Evils in Blizzard’s Diablo III.

Each Wednesday at 20:00 Israel time, players can find Yossilubaton#2572 in game and show off their skills during a 30 minute interview. The idea is to see how good you are at Diablo III while also being able to answer a chunk of personal questions about yourself. This is, without a doubt a bizarre way to conduct an interview, but may hide a hint of brilliance. If you can play the incredibly “hard” Diablo III while also performing well on an interview, you may be able to handle the busy day to day needs that the company will require.

Interviewees could also win a Warmonger Sword and a million gold among other prizes. The man you will be interviewing with is also rocking a level 60 Barbarian, so be prepared to bring your A game. This is a strange way to recruit new talent, but maybe Lubaton is onto something here. Check out this video for the full pitch:




  1. I’d like to see them use normalized gear for an equal playing field, at least in terms of the execution. Seeing what gear they have racked up says something about dedication, but when it’s time to actually play the gear should be normalized.