Gazillion Entertainment’s new free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes will be playable for the first time at Comic-Con Internation: San Diego, which runs July 12 – 15, at Marvel Booth #2329. Fans will be able to play as one of four iconic Marvel characters, but the press release doesn’t specify who they are. Mutant Town and Fort Stryker are among the areas being showcased, and players will get to battle Magneto.

Gazillion will also be running a contest of sorts during their MMO preview. Players will get a chance to search for a powerful in-game item called the Tablet of Life and Time, possibly winning items in the process, including a slot in the upcoming beta. One player will supposedly win the Tablet of Life and Time itself, which is presumably a replica of some sort and not an actual magic object that could end all life on Earth as we know it. Presumably.

President of Gazillion Entertainment, David Brevik, claims that Marvel Heroes ” is a great leap forward for the MMO genre.” He’s the president of the company you guys, so you can totally take his word for it.

Read more about the contest here.