I’ve never let go of my childhood loves. I still have my teddy bear (it lives in my daughter’s room), Voltron adorns my office shelves and my collection of Generation 1 and more current Transformers borders on embarrassing. While everyone is focusing on how cool Metroplex is in the latest trailer for High Moon Studios’ Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, I’ve got my eye on something else. Yes, the city-sized mammoth Autobot is impressive as he “heeds the call of the last Prime.” There’s no denying it. There’s just something cooler in there. Take a look.


At 0:13 in, there is a big, yellow thing in the distance. We get a better look at 0:21 seconds as Jazz is ushering Autobots past him. Recognize it? No? Let me help. Fast-forward six minutes into the video below.



That big yellow spaceship is known as The Ark. In the first episode of the original Transformers cartoon, it was the vehicle which transported the Autobots to Earth and, later, served as their headquarters. I had my fingers crossed that the follow-up to War for Cybertron would see the battle brought to our planet. An open-world Transformers game, similar to the Nintendo DS titles (undeniably better than the console versions) released alongside the first Michael Bay movie, would be fantastic.

I’m eager to see what High Moon Studios has in store for us with Fall of Cybertron, which we have just been informed will be launching a week earlier than intended. Look for the game on Xbox 360 and PS3 on August 21, 2012.