Scrolls has me intrigued. It looks to be a mix between a collectible card game and Hero Academy, which sounds like an incredible mix. Today the game moves into a playable alpha state, and codes will be sent out to those that signed up when that option was available. No new sign ups will get invited, so if you missed that window you’ll need to wait it out for the open beta.

You can see from the above image that there is plenty to take in. As a long time fan of CCGs, these three teaser cards have my mind spinning with the possibility that Scrolls might offer. The one issue with many card games, specifically table top versions, is that they are limited in what you can do with the cards. Turn them sideways, read them out, put them on certain areas of the table or look at the pictures. With Scrolls, you not only get the cards with the (in my opinion) fantastic art, but you add a strategic board game element to the mix. I’m not sure the game will ever see the type of success that Minecraft has, but it will hopefully bring some new blood into the card gaming world.

The game is in an alpha state and it includes a selection of features for players to start testing out:

Deck Building
As you start the game, you will have a pre-constructed deck so if you wish, you can start playing right away. However, sooner or later you will probably like to explore the rest of the content in the game, and that’s when you go to the Deck Builder.

The alpha account comes with a full set of scrolls. Meaning you will have 3 of each available scroll in the game. A deck must be at least 40 scrolls big, and you can have no more than 3 of each scroll in it. You can have as many decks as you like and you may use the same scrolls in different decks.

Although you will not be able to venture the world or go toe to toe against the powerful bosses that inhabits it, the alpha will allow you to test your strength against an AI opponent.
You will have the option of 3 difficulty settings, each of which has a number of different decks to play against.

In the Arena section, you can chat with other players as well as challenge them. You can also queue up for a multiplayer match against a random opponent. When playing a multiplayer match, there will be a round timer allowing the players no more then 90 seconds to make their move. It is advised to try out the tutorial and some single player matches before testing your skill against another player.

Other features will not be enabled yet, but over the course of the alpha, you should see updates as bugs get hammered out. Those of you that get in, do your part and find those glitches. Help them make this game another success, and ensure that the issues are getting ironed out quick. The gaming community is ready to dive in. Keep an eye on your email today, you may just be jumping into something pretty awesome.