I played the first Star Wars: Battlefront a good deal when it launched and enjoyed most of  my time with it. I’ll make a statement right now (which is sure to get me tarred and feathered), I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, be it games or movies, but I was impressed by the systems in place in the game. The first two versions of Battlefront were pretty popular when they launched and fans have been hoping, albeit quietly, that a third game in the series would see the light of day.

While that won’t happen, as the game was cancelled when developer Free Radical was shut down and then purchased by Crytek three years ago, there is a little something out there to give a taste of what we were denied as gamers. Today, the light hath shone upon Star Wars universe fans as the third offering has been found in the wilderness and a full hour of gameplay has found its way to MCVUK.com.

Crytek is still active and putting out some pretty solid stuff for gamers, so who knows, if you like what you see, maybe the game can be resurrected from the dead with a solid push from fans. Take a gander at the footage and see what you think. Did we miss out on something awesome, or dodge another blemish on the already pock marked face of the gaming side of Star Wars?