Fans of the Sega Saturn, rejoice! Hinted at in last few days with a coy Facebook and Twitter picture, SEGA has officially announced that NiGHTS into Dreams will be receiving a HD remake to be released on XBLA, PSN, and PC this fall. Some features include HD graphics (obviously), 16:9 aspect ratio, achievements, and a Saturn Mode that will switch the game back to it original graphics, much like Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary did last fall.

Here’s the announcement video:

Originally released for the Saturn 16 years ago, the third-person flying game has, along withPanzer Dragoon, lived on as one of the few great games of that system.

When Aliens: Colonial Marines was delayed this past May, we spoke a little about how SEGA’s huge losses led Sega-Sammy to head in a more conservative direction by moving further away from physical retail and deeper into digital downloads. The re-release of NiGHTS definitely fits into that strategy and hopefully signals a return into more classic franchises, beyond Sonic, that already have a built-in audience. Jet Set Radio is receiving a HD remake, and Phantasy Star Online 2 seems poised for a western release, so it seems that the corporation is already moving in that direction. Until we receive a new Streets of Rage though, NiGHTS will have to suffice. Here are some screenshots to get you excited: