As you may already know, RipTenTV has been streaming Path of Exile each night at 9:30 pm EST. Our community is growing, and you guys have been incredibly fun to get to know over the last week. Now we want to know what you, our valued viewers, would like to start seeing streamed. Pick some stuff on PC, and we will see if we can get something going for you.

Each night we hold contests with giveaways and try to promote indie developers as much as possible. If you are an indie dev, and you would like your game featured on the stream let us know. If you know of a smaller game that could really use some attention, let us know in the comments below.

Keep coming each night, as you never know what (or who) will show up on the stream or in the chat to entertain you for a few hours of fun and excitement. All of us here at RipTen want to get to know you guys and gals better, and there is no better way than hanging out while doing what we all love. Drop by any time you get a chance, follow the stream so you know when we go online and stick around for an evening of “polite” conversation.



  1. I venture’d into the Ripten boys by referral from my friend. I watched the steam for awhile, but didn’t really chat ever. But these guys are some really kicked back dudes.I now find myself never shutting up in chat usually and helping out here and there as much as I can. All around, one of my favorite streams. Thumbs up. 

    I really have no opinion, so I’ll just say cubemen, because your talking about it.

  2. Weighing in. Can you guys stream Scrolls extensively? I wanna see the deck system. If it’s possible uncharted 3 would be a fun stream i think. but it’s not on pc so that’s a challenge. Also torchlight 2. thanks!

  3. Ok so there are alot of games out there! and you guys have become one of the best streaming channel! it’s really fun to watch and you pay close attention to your community! So here are my game proposals:

    the secret world
    left 4 dead (1 and/or 2)
    guild wars 2tera
    Also there is a dark horror mmo called requiem out there (it’s free to play and you can try it out)
    and ofc one of my personal favorite mmos AIONAnyway guys. Keep entairtening us with your awesome streams! Great job by all of you! See you at 9:30 pm EST every night! :D

  4. Hum.. I’d like to see an week of old school shooter games. You could almost do an “angry gamer” rant on each one.

    Sin and Punishment