The gravy train of hype for the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft continues to roll through town. With a nearly endless stream of rumors, speculation and conjecture floating around the internet, it’s hard to know what news sources to trust these days. The truth is, none of them are trustworthy sources, at least not yet. Due to the lack of any official confirmation from either side, these stories are probably best viewed as “fictitious until proven otherwise.” However, if you’re like me and eager for even remote possibilities, we have another bone to throw your way. This one is about Sony and some interesting news that has been uncovered.

In details released by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently, it came to light that Sony has made two new filings. These point to two new electronic devices that Sony plans to either develop or release, however these are only known by ambiguous model numbers at this point. What points to this being potential Playstation 4 news is the model numbers themselves, which are CECH-4000A and CECH-4000B respectively. What is interesting about these numbers is that the model number for the current, slim Playstation 3 is CECH-3000. Could this new “4000 Series” denote a new Playstation? It’s definitely possible.

In an article published by Eurogamer, they delved further into what these two new model numbers could mean, and one of their theories is rather surprising. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that the switch from 3000 to 4000 means a leap from one console generation to the next, however this could also mean that a new, maybe even slimmer Playstation 3 model is in the works. Given that Sony has already released a slimmer version of their current console, an even more compact version seems like an odd move. However, like all theories, each one is as good as the next, because nothing has been confirmed.

While another Playstation 3 model is possible, it seems nonsensical for two key reasons. First, the current model is still selling respectably and there is no apparent need for a hardware re-design. Secondly, during the 12 years that the Playstation 2 has been in production, they have done only one hardware revamp, and that was to cut the cost of the console. Unless Sony is planning on making the Playstation 3 a budget console to offset potential losses by announcing the fourth iteration, the likelihood of another hardware update is fairly small. However, like everything you’ve read here, this is all guesswork.

We reached out to Sony for comment on this FCC filing, but they unsurprisingly informed us that,

“We don’t comment on rumor or speculation about our products.”

We’ll sit tight and wait for the official reveal then.



  1. I could see it more likely being a newer slim model. Something trimmed down so much that they can make it for quite a low cost and start selling them at like $149 or $199 to look more appealing against the arcade version of the 360 and the Wii. 

  2. When I first saw the FCC story I looked in to that possibility and dismissed it based on the current naming conventions. The the PS3 had revision numbers in starting with 1 2 and 3  so a new revision starting with 4 means nothing about it being a PS4.  the Most of the PS2 revision numbers started with 3 and the had the lettering SCPH
     just as the PS3 has CECH. Based on the the PS4 would have a completely different numbering convention then the PS4. This took me all of 5 minutes to dismiss.