Managing the duplicate names while reading about the Wars of the Roses is quite the hassle. For instance, Richard Neville made an alliance with Richard. Richard Neville and Richard were killed at Wakefield in 1460. Hold on though, Richard Neville also died in 1471 at Barnet. How could that be possible? Because the doctor was a woman! Yes, like some lame riddle, the reusing of names that run through England’s royal history is a baffling trial that will leave you behind if you’re not closely paying attention. It’s probably best then that Fatshark’s War of the Roses focuses on a foot-soldier who is more concerned about avoiding arrows and sword swings than family lineage.

Catherine previewed the game back during this year’s PAX East and she gives multiple reasons to get hyped about this sword and shield game. If you’re already itching to don a rose and choose between Lancaster and York, Paradox has announced that they’re accepting beta applications for the game’s multiplayer. By going to this site here, players will both sign up for the beta and receive a referral link that- if five friends sign up through it- “secure[s] a spot in the beta,” as the press release puts.

If you’re interested in learning more about War of the Roses, you can read Catherine’s preview here, watch a live stream of the game from Dreamhack on Paradox’s Twitch TV archive, or watch this developer diary:

War of the Roses is scheduled for a third quarter release in 2012 for PC.