Each week we try to bring you something special to keep you busy through the weekend and, hopefully, the weeks beyond. Last night the RipTenTV stream was wanting to see something new and I stumbled upon a game called:

Cubemen ($2.99)

3 Sprockets

We started playing Cubemen on the stream for a bit earlier this week and had a great time. Then started digging more into where it came from. It’s on iOS! Our first game was a jumbled mess of confusion and idiocy. We didn’t do tutorials or even try single player. Two of us just went into multiplayer and fought it out. After that game, though, we had it. This is a tower-defense-meets-real-time-strategy game that does most things right. We did encounter a few bugs here and there, but nothing that broke the game.

The easiest way to describe how it works is to put it in real time strategy terms. As you defeat your opponent’s “runners” or other troops, you gain money to purchase your own. You can place these in specific areas around the map, and each unit has strengths and weaknesses. You can move these troops to specified areas around the map (not every square supports your combat units), and each unit has strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to get your AI controlled runners to your opponent’s base.

Tower defense style mechanics are at work for this part, but you actually draw the path for your baddies so they might reach their goal. While the AI controls your automated troops (which get stronger with each wave), you spend your time moving and positioning your “towers” all over the map, trying to ensure you keep control of key areas on the board. I didn’t expect much, but ended up playing more than I would have imagined because it was just that much fun. Pick it up on iOS and get ready for the most unproductive weekend you can imagine. Check out the site here.