Well, at least the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale rumors proved to be partially correct.  If you weren’t tuned into EVO, the Evolution Championship Series that took place in Las Vegas last weekend, you may have missed the announcement about some new fighters joining the fray for Sony‘s upcoming brawler.

First up is a character confirming the leaks mentioned above, Toro Inoue.  The cat is an iconic staple of Sony’s marketing in Japan, and players who choose this anthropomorphic feline will have plenty of options.  Delivering a varied combat experience, Toro can change into different forms, specializing in various short-range and long-range attacks.  Players can switch between his Justice, Torobi, and Oni forms to suit their combat needs, all while making sure the adorable cat hilariously pummels more realistic foes.

The second addition to the roster is Heihachi Mishima.  Heihachi, of course, originates from the Tekken franchise (where Toro actually guest starred in the recent Street Fighter X Tekken) and his familiar fighting style comes intact.  His move set reflects his hallmark moves from his first incarnation, and players will want to use him if they prefer close-range sparring.  Heihachi is not useful from across the  battlefield, but his combo potential is one of the best in the entire game so skilled players will enjoy testing the limits of his moves.

Sony also announced a new stage for the title (pictured above), called Dojo.  Hailing from Parappa the Rapper, fans can certainly see the influence of that classic game, but as we know all of Battle Royale‘s stages mix two franchises together.  As you can see in the screenshot, something quite massive looms in the distance, which I would assume derives from the Killzone franchise.

That wraps up all of the announcements for the game, and while there was no official confirmation of Jak as the rumors suggested, I still hope the character will be added to the mix. With Sony recently releasing a Jak & Daxter HD collection and games already being represented in the game by the Sandover Village stage, the franchise is too large to leave out of the roster. We can only hope to expect the announcement of Jak along with other stages and characters in the months to come before the game releases on October 23 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

via[PlayStation Blog]