If you’re among the many gamers who are eagerly awaiting the September release of Borderlands 2, you are likely following the flood of news stories that have come out regarding the game’s content. Stories about the new characters, classes, abilities and special perks have whetted our appetites over the past few months, and there are two big pieces of news today that might be of interest to you. One surrounds the decision from Gearbox to support modding of the PC version, and the other is regarding a possible development of a Borderlands 2 port on the Playstation Vita.

Speaking at a developers’ meeting, Randy Pitchford of Gearbox discussed the practice of users creating modifications to customize weapon, vehicles and other additions to the game. This practice was most common on the PC version of the first Borderlands, with user-created content modifications popping up everywhere. In some cases, it crept into the console versions as well. Pitchford noted that creating a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the PC version of the original game was a consideration, but the idea was ultimately shelved. He has now confirmed that the same will hold true of Borderlands 2. There are no plans to release an official SDK along with the game’s release in September.

This is not to say that Gearbox discourages the practice of modding. Pitchford notes that the reason that no SDK was made for Borderlands is that the community was already ahead of the developer in terms of creating mods. Shortly after the original game’s release, players were already creating all kinds of in-game tools and customized weapons, many of which allowed players near-invincibility. Some examples of mods include guns that have infinite ammunition, one-hit kills, and extremely high doller values. Other non-weapon modifications include invincibility shields and vehicle augments. Pitchford feels that the community has modding for Borderlands locked down without the SDK and the developer’s efforts are better spent creating new content.

The other news is that the notion of the Borderlands expereince coming to the Playstation Vita might have some merit after all. At the Rezzed PC Conference, Gearbox revealed that it will support the Vita as a platform for Borderlands 2. If this version were to come to fruition, it would be most likely be developed by another company, as Gearbox has its time and resources focused on the console and PC versions. However, Gearbox has stated that it would provide the source codes for the game and support the developer. An online petition has been created by fans who want to see Borderlands 2 released on the Vita, with the goal of the petition to convince Sony to put resources beind having one of their studios develop it.

Borderlands 2 will (for sure) be coming to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC on September 18, 2012.