In one of the weekend’s stranger tidbits of news, fans desperately wanting to hear about Bungie‘s upcoming project being published by Activision can now rest assured the mysterious game’s music is in good hands.

On Saturday, Paul McCartney‘s official Twitter, apparently run by his PR team, sent out this quote by the former member of The Beatles: “I’m really excited to be working on writing music with [Bungie], the studio that made Halo.”  Though I would make a safe bet Sir Paul had no idea what Halo was before he accepted the job offer, this is definitely an intriguing choice by the company.  Though the most The Beatles dabbled in the videogame world prior to this was The Beatles: Rock Band, a lack of experience will not likely stop this member of the Fab Four from doing what he does best–making music.

The tweet provided no other information, but my guess is that Bungie did not bring Sir Paul in to compose the entire upcoming game’s music.  Something in a smaller capacity, like producing the main theme and maybe a few other musical selections, would be the most logical extent of his work, but this would make his contributions no less important.  A similar example that comes to mind is the team behind Fable bringing in Danny Elfman to compose the opening title theme, which of course influenced the musical direction for the entire franchise.

If Bungie’s upcoming project is as vast as this past spring’s leak suggests, the musician’s work could inform the next few years of music included in the studio’s work.  With the Halo franchise’s main themes remaining so iconic, it only makes sense that Bungie wants to continue that tradition for the remainder of the decade.  And I for one could not be more excited by the prospect of his work coming to the gaming world.  Or at the very least this could mean Bungie will use “Hey Jude” as the end credits song.