This past Independence Day (July 4th, for all you non-Americans) Mike put up a post about a neat Kickstarater project for CLANG. With deep involvement from sci-fi author Neal Stephenson, CLANG aims to create a sword-fighting API that focuses on motion-based controls, allowing developers to easily drop in realistic sword-play into their games. While it was touch and go at the end, the the project has managed to reach its goal and is even twenty-six thousand over its $500,000 goal.

The project plans to release an arena game for the PC showing off the technology with a fuller game in the works for later. As currently there are only two major companies creating motion-related gaming peripherals for the PC–Microsft with the Kinect and Razer with the Hydra–it wasn’t a surprise that the latter showed their interest in the project, providing $10,000 from a Facebook campaign.

I have absolutely no experience with motion-controlled games to respond to the trend has been fairly negative, with only a few games like Skyward Sword, No More Heroes, and Boom Blox receiving some positivity. That being said, CLANG seems a million times more interesting than any of those games and even makes me excited to waggle some sticks like a fool in front of my monitor.

Here’s a video of Stephenson explaining how the game UI works:

While the funding is over, you can keep up with the project on the official site here which uses a Mongolian TLD. Nerds everywhere are chuckling.