Usually, I take any chance I can to talk about why Shenmue is both overrated by people who love it and underrated by those who don’t, and then walk out backwards while flipping everyone the bird… but I’ll restrain myself today. What we’re here to talk about today is another Dreamcast-related game–specifically Phantasy Star Online 2. Suspicions  that the free-to-play MMO is coming to western audiences have just been confirmed.

Released in Japan on July 4, avid English-speaking fans of the original Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast have made remarkable efforts in gaining creating translation programs to make the game Japanese version of the game accessible. Here’s the trailer:

The Phantasy Star series has gone through various iterations and styles, from first-person and third-person RPGs on SEGA consoles, to text adventures, to the popular Online series that debuted on the Dreamcast. As I mentioned in the release announcement for NiGHTS, this continues Sega’s trend of revisiting old franchises with built-in audiences, and will hopefully be a good move for them, as the video game division of Sega-Sammy reported a loss of almost $200 million dollars.

The game is planned for a 2013 release on PCs.