As previously reported on RipTen, Nintendo launched a Wii U Experience Tour.  This invite-only event was exclusive to the best Club Nintendo members out there and a few of their friends.  Those that went were given a short two hour block to get some hands on time with Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Wii U.

Upon arriving at the event hosted in New York City, I saw that it was possible to register to have pictures taken at select on site photo spots sent directly to Facebook for all your friends to see. I was given a sweet Wii U lanyard with a badge, and a bottle of water branded with the Wii U Experience logo.  All swag from this event will be featured in an upcoming King Nintendo Fanboy‘s Collectors Journal here on RipTen!

Those looking for a snack at the event wouldn’t be disappointed either.  Nintendo was also giving attendees free blue Jones Soda, blue cotton candy, and fruit kabobs.

Other than the free swag there were multiple demo stations set up with the same game demos that were at E3 2012.  Games on site included the following:

(Click the game title below for our hands on E3 2012 Impressions)

New Super Mario Bros. U
Pikmin 3
Nintendo Land
Project P-100
Wii Fit U
Game & Wario
Rayman Legends
Batman: Arkham City
Just Dance 4

Since the game demos were mostly the same, I spent most of my time helping my two guests, my sister and girlfriend, get the best Wii U experience they could in a short amount of time.  The biggest letdown was that most games only had one demo station to accommodate the many Nintendo fans that showed up. Lines for Pikmin 3 and Project P-100, both single player titles, were quite long.  If you happen to go to one of these events you should try to manage your time wisely, because those two hours will just fly by.

The tastiest part of the event was at the end.  Nintendo ended up handing out cake pops that looked like Mario mushrooms and Koopa Troopa shells as visitors exited the event.  These things were so good that I would gladly pay for more.  They clearly were made specifically for the event, and not to be sold anywhere, but I’d kill to have the recipe.  Nintendo should give anyone that buys a Wii U one of these cake pops because I’m sure they’d sell even more units with them (Wii Sports move over)!

For those that have yet to play the Wii U, this is one event you won’t want to miss!  Remember it’s invite only so if you want to go you had better start registering many Club Nintendo eligible games and hope that the tour comes to an area near you.  If you can’t register many titles then you may want to start sucking up to friends that do because it may be one of the few ways to sample the Wii U before its release later this year.

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