Everyone knows that the birds are angry, but does anybody think about the pigs? Sure, they stole the eggs, presumably for food. Aladdin stole bread but nobody vilified him for it. Thankfully developer Rovio is telling the other side to this story. If the reports are true, we’ll see a new Angry Birds title which plays from the pigs’ point of view by the end of this year.

According to Pocket-lint, the game will play pretty much just like all the other Angry Birds games. The various pigs will have different properties that will aid them in smashing through structures with their bodies. I’m hoping that Pocket-lint is wrong and we’ll see some fairly major changes in gameplay. I stuck with Angry Birds longer than most, but even I have my limits. Flinging pigs at birds doesn’t even make any sense; that’s the bird’s M.O.. Maybe you can be in charge of protecting the pigs by building an impenetrable fortress? It would change the gameplay dramatically, but that’s what Rovio needs to do at this point. They can always update Angry Birds Seasons if they want more of the same.

via Mashable