While most arcade games are rigged for you to waste your money, there’s a charming innocence to them.

Maybe it’s because I grew up playing in arcades that I’m blind to anything bad about them. Seriously though, who would ever steal from an arcade?

Zhang Lili of Sanmenxian Zheijiang province in China would steal from a place that brings nothing but digital joy, apparently. She was caught using fake tokens in an arcade, causing the arcade to lose over $1570. The lady committed a crime that’s almost as bad as kicking puppies.

Zhang Lili was fond of the arcade, so much to the point that she was spending too much money there. She finally decided to buy fake arcade coins so she could continue playing at the arcade without making her wallet cry. The arcade owner only discovered her scheming ways when he realized that there were something like 20,000 more tokens than the arcade originally had.

She was sent to prison for 8 months and fined 20,000 RMB (approximately $3138.88). Justice was served.

[via Kotaku]