Sega’s famed Sonic the Hedgehog series has seen it’s share of ups and downs over the past two decades, but at the end of the day, our blue friend with restless legs syndrome remains one of the most recognizable faces in the video game world. In 2012, Sonic turned the milestone age of 21, meaning that Americans can all buy him a round of beer now. He deserves to raise a few, given how his most recent games such as Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations have revived the series, and effectively brought him out of a decade-long slump. In celebration of the Sonic legacy, a new book called The History of Sonic the Hedgehog hits stores this fall. Longtime Sonic fans will definitely want to take note of this.

Officially released by Sega, this 300-page hardcover book will explore the history of the entire Sonic universe, beginning with the glory days of the Sega Genesis era, and proceeding through the roller coaster that was the 3D Sonic era. Every game in the series is explored in detail, with gameplay pictures, rare concept art, and detailed synopses of the both the story and the gameplay. Equally compelling is the fact that all of the spin-off games are covered, which will hopefully include Sonic Spinball, Sonic Shuffle and the much-maligned Sonic Labyrinth. These are considered to be the weaker games in the Sonic cannon, but they have their place in the overall history of the franchise.

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog also contains profiles of all the characters in the Sonic series. You will also find interviews with people who have worked on the Sonic games over the years, including lead programmer Yuji Naka. With full color artwork and pictures, in-depth game profiles, and a fun and colorful layout, this book is bound to be a fun and nostalgic trip for any longtime fan. For newcomers to the Sonic universe, this will serve as a great way to get caught up.

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog is scheduled for release on October 9, 2012 and it is now available for pre-order through At the time of this writing, this book is only scheduled for release in the United States. To see a preview of the book, including some sample pages, check out the Sega Blog.