If the Angry Birds phenomenon has somehow escaped you up to this point but you’d still like to play the title, developer Rovio is bringing the massively popular franchise to consoles in a new collection.  Announced as Angry Birds Trilogy, players will be able to catch up on the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio when all three are wrapped up in one neat package.

Though no release date has been provided, the collection will release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 3DS, and fans will be able to enjoy the bird and pig mayhem in HD on home consoles.  This graphical bump will include animated backgrounds that add some dynamics to the entertainment occurring in the foreground.  Apart from the improved graphics, the trilogy will include a host of extras for those who have already sunk hours into the previous stand-alone releases.  These bonuses will include new cinematics (hopefully they will portray this great animal war in all its gruesome glory) and other extras, including individual leaderboards for each level.

Rovio has not stated whether or not the free level packs provided for iOS and Android players will be included or how Angry Birds Space may be integrated.  The company did, however, mention that the title will take advantage of Kinect, PlayStation Move and StreetPass on each console.  So if you have been asking when you can actually launch yourself in imitation of the birds, you may now have your chance.  All jokes aside, the use of Kinect and Move is likely to try and mimic a phone’s touchscreen as closely as these consoles can.

It will be interesting to see how fleshed out this collection is.  The franchise is perfectly designed for a touchscreen, but hopefully Rovio will work to make the game as addictive on any platform with this release.  Pricing will also be key with such a low barrier of entry when purchasing these games on phones, and I fear that if this is a physical release it could end up ridiculously overpriced.  If the developer can take the correct steps, this may be Rovio’s opportunity to prove the company and its hallmark series can adapt to the market’s many options.


  1. It’s free on android and like $0.99 on iphone… I can just imagine that they’re going to charge a good $15 for it on consoles.