ArenaNet‘s Guild Wars 2 is set for release August 28th, but you’ve still got one more weekend to give the beta a try to see if this is a title you really want to buy. The developers have just released a statement on what to expect for this final weekend, (July 20-22), and the newest addition for you beta players is the ability to play as the asura and sylvari races.

Guild Wars 2 has five playable races – human, norn, charr, asura and sylvari – and each race has a unique starting zone, capital city, and storyline options. You’ll now have your first opportunity to see what this means for these two races, one of which (sylvari) is brand new.

The developer has outlined what you can expect for both of these new starting zones. If you choose to play as asura…

“…this means beginning your tale in Metrica Province, a vivid, exotic jungle area full of high-tech laboratories, quirky golems, and competing krewes of mad scientists. Nearby, the massive monoliths of the asuran capital Rata Sum hum with technomagical power. These diminutive geniuses may seem cute at first glance, but never underestimate an asura…”

If you’re a sylvari, on the other hand…

 “Sylvari players begin their story in the Grove, a luminous living city nestled in the shade of the Pale Tree, the “mother” of every member of this young race of plant humanoids. The sylvari are an enigmatic race of chivalrous explorers who are driven by an insatiable curiosity and guided by a collective Dream.”

As mentioned, this last beta weekend takes place from July 20-22, so if you’re taking part, mark the date on your calendar. The game’s official launch is on August 28th, but you pre-purchasers get to start playing on the 25th. I’ll be joining you sometime in early September.

via [Destructoid]


  1. You call this reporting? You don’t even know that pre-purchase means you have to buy it before you can play in the beta?