Lucas Arts made quite a splash this year at E3 when their new game 1313 was considered one of the titles showing the capabilities of next generation hardware. In news that’s not quite new, Lucas Arts has posted job listings for an unannounced FPS project. Jobs that were tied to a similar project were posted in September of last year, as well ones for an open-world RPG and an aerial combat game. What’s notable about this is that the listing described the one of the job duties as “implementing cutting edge features and optimizations on current and Future Generation console and PC hardware,” implying that the title will be released in the next console cycle.

As a side note, this project may also be the one that Clint Hocking was working on. The creative director behind the divisive Far Cry 2 game left Ubisoft Montreal in May 2010 and joined Lucas Arts in August of that year. Hocking’s directing history also includes Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, considered by some to be the best game of that series. While he just recently left Lucas Arts at the end of June this year, it’s hard to imagine that he left the company without having had a hand in one or some of the games there. In any case, I know that I’m personally excited to see what the venerable development company is working on, as though they have a history of excellent games, more recent ones have been less than stellar.

via [CVG]