Long anticipated MMOFPS Planetside 2‘s beta should be hitting soon, according to President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley via Twitter, as long as certain “tech tests” on July 10th and 11th go well.

Smedley’s vague about what these tech tests are, but I don’t blame him, seeing as he was limited to 140 characters. I’m going to go out on a whim and assume that they’re trying their best to stress test before, well…. further stress testing during the beta. Planetside 2‘s ambitious in that it plans on supporting thousands of players in one area at once. I guess Sony Online Entertainment just doesn’t want a repeat of what happened with ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2‘s first beta weekend, where an overwhelming number of people attempted to log in. Servers were clogged and frustrations abound. Not exactly a good way to kick off some of your players’ first impressions of your game. Then again, what are betas for?

So, cross your fingers and pray… hard for those tech tests to go well. If you haven’t yet, register for the beta on the Planetside 2 official site here.

[via VG247]