In a completely unsurprising move, the Old Republic has now set up a free trial for new players. Current subscribers are being given the ability to invite friends into the game and be given a free vehicle–the Kurtob Alliance Speeder–if one of those friends decides to purchase the game. The trials lasts only up to level 15, but all aspects of the game are made available to them.

Considering the high-stakes of the current MMO market and the huge investment BioWare and EA made in the project, The Old Republic’s ups and downs have been under the watchful eye of the media. What’s particularly interesting in the amount of friends subscribers can invite–a hefty 25. In the world of MMOs, SWTOR’s 1.3 million users is both profitable and remarkable considering most MMOs rarely crack 1 million. That being said, the wide berth of player invites speaks to BioWare’s intentions to get more subscribers on-board before the game goes free-to-play, which is a situation that seems inexorable. I know that personally, I’m tired of having a dozen services that I pay a monthly fee for and have no desire to add another, but a free trial might be what finally draws me into the world of lightsabers and such.

You can find out more about the free trial at the official announcement here.