The studio behind the 3DS title Kid Icarus: Uprising, Project Sora, has closed its doors.  This shocking news comes from the developer’s official website in the form of a brief message.  The translated message reads:

“This company was dissolved on June 30th 2012. We thank you truly for your patronage. This home page will close on July 31st 2012.”

Project Sora was a subsidiary founded by Nintendo, game developer Masahiro Sakurai’s company Sora Ltd, and other smaller parties.  Since only the subsidiary is being closed it’s important to note that Sakurai’s own company, Sora Ltd., is still in existence.  Sora Ltd. was formed to allow Sakurai to be a freelance game designer after he resigned from HAL Labratory.

Nintendo fans don’t need to worry about Sakurai though.  As many already know, it was recently confirmed that Sakurai is working closely with Namco Bandai on two new Super Smash Bros. games, one for Wii U and the other for 3DS.


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