Online multiplayer shooter fans curious to see what the amusingly named ShootMania Storm will bring to the genre, the wait may soon be over.  Ubisoft has announced that pre-orders for the game are now being accepted.  For pre-ordering the title, buyers will receive 20% off as well as permanent and instantaneous access to the game’s beta.

That is certainly not a bad deal for those who know they will be picking up the title, and if it interests you, pre-orders are being accepted over on the game’s official website.  For players that have a few friends they plan on teaming up with when the game releases, bundles of game keys in sets of either three or five are available for purchase.

Additionally, a pre-order trailer has also been released which you can watch here.  I’m curious to see what the game will bring to the genre that Tribes: Ascend has recently been dominating, especially since the team behind the game, Nadeo, has a strong record with the TrackMania series.  If you pre-order and enter the beta, let us know what you think of the title in the comment section below.