Would you like to spend all day playing videogames, eating lavish foods, and hanging out with beautiful people? Would you like an open forum to share your superior knowledge of all things geek, putting forth little to no effort and getting paid butt-loads of cash for it? Yes? Well, so would we, but that doesn’t happen here.

If you enjoy covering videogame related content by conducting interviews, contributing reviews and previews, attending events, and keeping readers up to date on the latest news and rumors, then RipTen might have a spot for an amazingly gifted and sexy individual such as yourself.

We are looking for those with a passion for gaming and the blogging medium.  If you find that your strength is your witty sense of humor, run with it like a pair of scissors down a poorly lit hallway. Conversely, if you suck at entertaining others, inform the hell out of them and you’ll do just fine.

Our team works from home for the most part, although from time to time, we like to close our eyes and pretend we’re in OZ (not the prison). In addition, we often pack our bags and spread our wings when major events pop up. You will likely be asked to attend events with us at some point, so it’s best you know now that we don’t do individual rooms, and we don’t stay at $500 a night hotels. Our accommodations frequently involve one or two people crashing in a sleeping bag or springing for a roll-away bed. If you can’t take that then you best learn to levitate before the lights go out. We don’t take kindly to spooners — unless you buy us dinner first.

All positions begin on a volunteer basis with a thirty day trial period and require that you be able to make at least one post per day, Monday through Friday.  These posts are often quick, short, and informative. Outside of that, you will also have opportunities to contribute features/articles, conduct interviews, and take part in reviews and previews of games. After the successful completion of your trial period, compensation for editorial and or writing services is handled on a case by case basis based on experience and writer preference.  But to be clear, many of us here at RipTen contribute our services on a volunteer basis with day jobs that pay our bills.

Current openings:

  • Sports Aficionado: Focus on covering sports game news and reviews. If you live for FiFa and long for the days of 2K Sports branded NFL football, we may have a lovely spot on our team for you.
  • Main Stream News Junkie: If you live for the AAA games and wake each morning with an unmatched passion to seek out all the news and rumors that relate to them, we’ll erect a massive statue in your likeness outside of our headquarters … as soon as we get one!
  • Indie Assassin: Tired of sites that only focus on games made by EA and Activision? Well get off your corduroy wearing ass and do something about it. We’re looking for a happy little hippie to fill the site with all things indie.
  • Fighting Guru: So you think you’re pretty good at Street Fighter? Kick ass at Mortal Kombat? Well, try your hands at a flawless victory on the field of combat reporting! If you can write like you fight drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.
  • MMO Champion: We know it’s rough, but if you can AFK just long enough to keep the outside world informed on the inner workings of your MMO dwelling, we’re more than prepared to pay you in the fictitious currency of your choice.
  • Community Commando: Even an elite army of readers needs a commander-in-chief to shape their wishy washy comments into masterful works of art. If moderating users makes you happy and giving away swag makes you smile, drop us a line and let’s chat for a while. Herp. Derp.
  • Social Media King: As an independent site, it’s important for our originals to circulate around the web. If you think you have what it takes to help us do that with the power of social media and the interwebz, email us your best pitch.
  • Mobile Master: Do your thumbs live to smear themselves across a pocket sized screen? Share your joy for mobile gaming with others, minimize that app and use some of your data to drop us a line!
  • Australian Team Members: We are currently looking for writers in this region to help us with coverage at events as well as provide a local flavor for our readers. You will often be asked to consume large amounts of alcohol before your shift and must not be offended if we ask you to impersonate The Crocodile Hunter on more than one occasion. If you think you have what it takes email us.
  • Japanese Team Members: We are currently looking for writers in this region to help us with coverage at events as well as provide a local flavor for our readers. You will need to be able to perform the Karate Kid crane kick exactly 10 times in a row without falling over. This position will also require you to be able to translate Japanese. If you think you have what it takes email us.
  • Canadian Team Members: We are currently looking for writers in this region to help us with coverage at events as well as provide a local flavor for our readers. You may or may not be asked to explain your fondness for maple syrup on everything from hot cakes to hot dogs.  If you think you have what it takes email us, aye.

If you would like to apply for a writer position at RipTen, shoot an email to editors@ripten.com. We are currently looking for writers in all locations.  However, those in New York City, San Fransisco, LA, Australia, Tokyo and parts of Canada will have increased opportunities to conduct interviews and attend events.  Last but not least, it’s important to remember that having your work published in no way means that you can’t still write in your underwear.

Oh and if you want more visual proof of our fun having escapades here at RipTen, take a stroll through our event photos below.