Video games based on comic book superheroes often breed mixed results, but it’s hard to deny that Batman has been very well-serviced as of late.  Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City have proven both critically and commercially successful, so the only question now is what direction they will take with the next instalment. The ending of Batman:Arkham City left the door open for another game, however there is a rumor circulating that Rocksteady might be taking the series on a little detour into the past. Could our next dark and dirty Batman experience be a prequel?

The source of this rumor is an article published in Variety, in which they discuss the new direction that Warner Bros. is planning on taking with the Rocksteady Studios video game series. Rather than a direct continuation of the Arkham plot line, they would be looking at taking the series back to the “Silver Age” era of the 1950s DC Comics series. This would cover two pivotal events in the Batman universe: the formation of the Justice League of America and his first meeting with The Joker. The move to potentially switch gears comes after the success of The Avengers at the box office, so this could be the product of a “strike while the iron is hot” mentality. A blockbuster Justice League movie, coupled with a high profile video game, could prove very profitable indeed.

The Justice League was formed when Batman teamed up with other superheroes including Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern. The characters from Justice League have made their video game appearences this year in Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes, and the Joker was the main villain in both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Combining both of those elements is what makes this rumor so intriguing, as the possibilities for both a rich storyline and a diverse roster of playable characters is something fans would no doubt love.

At this point, this is all unsubstantiated rumor. We have reached out to Warner Bros. for comment and we will update this story when we have a response.



  1. I like the idea. Being a fan of the brilliant and well directed Batman: Brave and the Bold, see how Rocksteady handles a period piece and other superheroes would be awesome. I really think though they should have some kind of multiplayer or co-op, not in the story, but in offline Challenges. Beating the crap out of thugs as Batman and Robin would be a dream come true, or even a mismatch like the Flash would be interesting. AND GIVE US THE BATMOBILE YOU SADISTS! 

  2. I really wanted a Batman Inc. game.
    Play as Batman, Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing, Azrael, Red Robin, & whomever else in an alternating campaign. I thought thats what they were working up towards?

  3. In Arkham Asylum there was an easter egg where they detailed the plans for Arkham City. In Arkham City, there’s an easter egg inside one of the boats concerning Scarecrow’s wherabouts, so yeah, they might have an idea already.

  4. well, if they gonna go back to when the justice league was formed or batman’s first encounter with joker, they gotta find a new guy casue mark hammil retired as joker, so how they gonna move on without a guy to voice joker perfectly as hammil

  5. OH MAN THIS IS AWESOME. What those games really needed was studio interference. I can’t wait to buy the Superman DLC, Green Lantern DLC, Flash DLC, Wonder Woman DLC, Lex Luthor DLC, Aqua Man DLC, and so forth.

    • If you think studio interference regarding DLC hasn’t already started full speed ahead with Arkham City (Catwoman DLC, Robin DLC, Nightwing DLC, Challenge Map DLC, Collectible Skins DLC), then it pains me to say you’re a little late to this pity party.

  6. How about Batman: Gotham City?

    You have the whole open gameplay style like Grand Theft Auto, and after the events of Arkham City, the city is “normal” again (as normal as Gotham can be), and you can play as Bruce Wayne, driving cars around, visiting and talking people, donning the cape when you feel it’s necessary, etc.

    THAT would kick some major ass!

  7. A videogame where Wayne Manor and Wayne Enterprises feature heavily would be cool. I say just keep it with Batman, Justice League is still more than 3 years off. A Gotham City game could come out in 2013-14.

  8. A Batman prequel that stars the first Red Hood(Joker’s original persona for those who don’t know) would be freaking awesome.

    • redhood was not joker’s original persona. Red hood was the 2nd robin who supposedly died but instead became red hood. Joker’s identity is not known.

      • Jason Todd donned the ‘Red Hood’ outfit to torment Bruce because, early in his career as Batman, Bruce faced off with a small-time criminal acting under the guise of ‘The Red Hood’ and in their confrontation the criminal fell into a vat of chemicals.

        Physically and psychologically scarred by the event the criminal took on the persona of ‘The Joker’. The irony being that Todd took on the original guise of the man who “killed” him.

        This is the most cited origin, according to DC, and while it hasn’t been (and probably never will be) confirmed officially, it’s sort of the de facto origin that most people accept. It was originally presented in the book The Killing Joke.

  9. yep batman gotham city, open world, gta like, for sure!!. i can say that i dont care if mark hamill wont voice the joker, im sure theres plenty of other voice talents out there to meet expectations. movies do it with actors example dark knight rises 
    Maggie Gyllenhaa replacing katie holmes, movie still killed it!!, and that was a total change of appearance ( voice). i hope the developers listen to the fans because i can see most of us want what i want. an old school bats just wont appeal to our generation, i cant see my pop kicking back taking over my xbox loving a 50s style batman because it reminds him of the old days pffft.

    • People think Silver Age and they think things like ‘goofy’, ‘lighthearted’, or ‘Adam West’.  The relatively high success of Darwyn Cooke’s ‘The New Frontier’, as well as the fact that Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen’ spent many years as the best-selling graphic novel of all time (currently sitting at No.3, just above – funny enough – Grant Morrison’s ‘Batman R.I.P.’), and even Frank Miller’s bad – as in really, REALLY bad – All-Star Batman and Robin proves that there’s plenty of room for a complex, modern spin on the Silver Age of comics.  Still, an open-world, modern-day Gotham wouldn’t be half bad, that’s for sure.

  10. I think the next villain will be the Scarecrow because of the easter egg of Arkham City. The cargo ship full of fear toxin proves that. Mark Hamill retired as the Joker, so you know they’re FINALLY taking a break with him. Personally, I would rather see a hardcore Batman vs. Scarecrow game. Take it back to Batman Begins style.

  11. HOW TDKR SHOULD’VE BEEN AND ENDED: The penguin should’ve been a sidekick
    villian with bane. It makes sense because copplepot was in competition
    with being wealthy with bruce and was hating on bruce, and if he helped
    bane and talia with their goal, then he could be perhaps the new prince
    of gotham (richest in gotham). Penguin being a gangster aristrocat and
    all, could offer bane and talia the money and resources they needed.
    And robin could’ve been investigating the connections penguin had and
    suspicous activity ultimately leading up to the end. When talia is
    confessing the master plan they had catwoman should’ve burst in with the
    motorcycle and ran it into bane pinning him against the wall, and then
    pull out her whip and say “paws off!” to talia and her and talia start
    fighting (after a while talia secretly gets away after releasing a smoke
    pellet and has a league of shadow bodygaurd or whatever replace her
    until the end of the movie where she dies in the truck.) then batamn
    recovers and bane recovers and they have their final epic showdown,
    meanwhile penguin sees the shit hitting the fan and sneaks away. But
    robin stops him outside or whatever and fights penguin and some goons.
    And you know what would happen there *fastfoward* After they show the
    bat blow up over the ocean, show security escorting bane (who is
    stray-jacketed) into arkham aslyum to his cell, and on their way they
    pass by new psychiatrist harlely as she is walking (one of the guards
    says hey harley), and doctor strange’s office (before he turns full
    blown evil), madhatter’s, penguin’s, scarecrow’s, and zsasz’s cell.
    Then after they place bane in, someone begins talking to bane and it’s
    two face. (turns out that fall didn’t kill him and they locked him away
    in there and decided to lie about him like they did). then the camera
    pans out, revealing it’s still daytime but what arkham asylum looks like
    with nolan’s vision. *then a fire will rise begins playing* when alfred
    looks to see bruce and selena sitting together, it should’ve been that
    bruce actually comes up behind alfred and rests his hand on his shoulder
    saying we need to talk or something like that. As bruce is talking
    explaining why he still needs to be batman sayin as long as there is
    breath in his body he is batman and etc. show clips of people rebuilding
    gotham, and show the people of gotham. show bruce visiting his
    parents’ grave, show gordon’s wife comming back to him pregnant (you
    comic readers out there know what that means), show catwoman on top of a
    building as a flying batamn shadow glides over her and she looks up,
    the people of gotham starting to look up, a hooded figure spray painting
    a green question mark as batman’s shadow flies by and they look towards
    it, show a woman in her heavily damaged greenhouse kneeliing at a
    plant (the criminals that bane let out of the prison/jails wrecked
    everything remember when they went on that rampage), and talia taking a
    knee as a hand touches her shoulder and she looks up, and then showing a
    panned shot of gotham with the bat signal and batman the flies up to
    the screen as the song ends. that would’ve been awesome.

  12. Jokers voice sucked in the lego games. If Luke Skywalker wont be the joker anymore, leave the character out of it. There are plenty other places to go. And yeah what that guy said – Batman: Gotham City. Make the map effin huge.

  13. NO!!! Batman arkham city has so many questions left without answers!!! A prequel would be terrible I would never pay money for such a stupid idea!!! I’m not trying to hate on them and I’m a huge batman fan but that is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. They need to find a way to continue the series other than a prequel. And I also don’t think joker is really dead so yeah!!! Rocksteady if you read this then please please please dont do a prequel!!! Who’s with me?????