Well… this is interesting. In advance of the Marvel Games panel at 1:45 PM (PST) today, a new site has popped up. Well, it’s not so much of a site as it is a placeholder. Could this be the announcement we’ve been hearing about? If so, expect plenty of comedy and broken fourth walls.

According to a WhoIs search, the site is registered by MarkMonitor, a company that helps protect brands and eliminate “confusing and potententially fraudulent” uses of trademarked names. It’s not inconceivable that after the Modern Warfare 3 domain fight that Activision engaged in last year that they would commission services to prevent it from happening again. This also provides the opportunity to discreetly register domains without them being easily traceable. Of course, the Activision and High Moon Studios logos at the bottom aren’t exactly hiding.

See for yourself and sit tight for the next few hours before the official announcement.