Last week we received the news that horror game Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs was to be delayed until early 2013. If you took the suggestion I gave and played through the frightening freeware game Slender but still crave more scares, I’ve got just the game for you.

Developed by Italian indie studio Dreampainters, Anna is a first-person horror game that takes place in an abandoned home in northern Italy and has a gorgeous, atmospheric environment. The game seems to include puzzle solving in the style of Frictional GamesPenumbra series. One of the main features the developers are touting is that the game will react to player choices- an interesting and horrifying concept. Here’s the trailer:

This style of horror game seems to have found a lot of success amongst independent developers, and I’m curious if it’ll be picked up by mainstream studios anytime soon.

The game is available for $10 from Desura and Just Adventure.