Anime fans, rejoice! At last, you’ll be able to stream those animes and Korean dramas that will never see the face of Netflix or Hulu+ via your console. The Crunchyroll App will be coming to PS3 in the vague “near future”, according to the PlayStation blog.

Unfortunately, nothing good comes free, so if you’re used to streaming from Crunchyroll with a lot of ads, you’ll be SOL. You need to be a paid subscriber of Crunchyroll in order to stream videos from the Crunchyroll app… with an exception. It costs $6.95/mo to stream either anime or Korean drama from Crunchyroll, so if you’re not willing to shell out $11.95/mo for a subscription to both packages, then you better choose which one you like more.

That’s not the end of the good news, for anime fans, at least. VIZ Media will also be bringing Neon Alley, the 24-hour anime channel, to the PS3. You can watch anime, 24/7, as long as you pay a subscription fee of $6.99/mo. The service will be launching in Fall 2012.

[via Joystiq]