In the realms of online gaming, it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to come across hackers and cheaters. We all know the type: those people who use hacks and exploits to give themselves an unfair advantage, effectively ruining the game for others. This practice became an early problem in Max Payne 3 with the online multiplayer, and thankfully this practice did not escape the notice of Rockstar. The use of hacks and cheats is almost always a violation of the “Terms of Use” of a game and usually warrants an outright ban,but Rockstar has taken a different approach this time. If you’re one of the people mentioned above, the “Cheater Pool” is officially open and you are cordially invited to join it.

The Cheater Pool is, as its name implies, a dedicated section exclusively for people who have been caught using cheats and hacks in the Max Payne 3.  They can only play with fellow cheaters and are barred from public matches with regular players, in addition to being ineligible for the online leaderboards. If cheaters take pleasure in trolling others and securing the top spots on the leaderboards without putting in the effort, this move from Rockstar will seriously hinder their experience. In many cases, they will face empty game lobbies as many in the Cheater Pool are likely to give up. On the flip-side, those of us who prefer to play the game as it was intended will need to worry less about others using nefarious means to ruin our gaming experience.

In an FAQ published by Rockstar, the developer outlines what the Cheater Pool is, how one ends up there, and how you can report people whom you suspect of cheating. Through its “Banhammer” program, you can report the details and Rockstar employees will investigate to determine if these allegations are true. Examples of such cheating would include unlimited ammunition, invincibility and unlimited adrenaline boosts. Activity that is not considered cheating would include camping or behaving in an offensive or annoying manner. Sadly, those are realities of online gaming. Those who have been deemed cheaters might have the chance to rejoin the community once a suitable period of time has passed without an offense, but be warned: a second offense will lead to a permanent ban.

The Cheater Pool in Max Payne 3 is now active across the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC platforms. Rockstar’s efforts to curb cheating and hacking are ongoing, so if you are cheating and haven’t been added yet, your lucky streak may be ending. To everyone else… think twice before cheating. Your victories and high scores mean nothing if you didn’t win them legitimately.