Our friends over at CinemaBlend have uncovered (via Reddit) a nasty little bug in the Shootmania beta from Nadeo and Ubisoft. Apparently, the installation defies expectations, installing exactly where you specify rather than in a subfolder. For instance, if you keep all of your games in C:/DirtyPictures (because that’s the obvious place) and you install Shootmania‘s beta, it won’t create a folder called C:/DirtyPictures/Shootmania (and there’s the double entendre you were waiting for). Instead, it will put all the files for ManiaPlanet 2.0, Nadeo’s unifying platform, into the “DirtyPictures” folder.

That’s not a huge deal, though… until you realize what’s happened and want to fix it by uninstalling and starting over. Apparently, the uninstaller is a thorough little bugger. If you run it, it will erase everything in your “DirtyPictures” folder. All those years of putting your most treasured possessions in a folder, and then Shootmania comes and messes it all up.

In addition to the Reddit thread about this, there have been similar complaints on the game’s official forums.

Complaints were responded to by members of the team, and users that have been afflicted are unhappy with the response. It seems that this behavior is by design, with warning messages absolutely unclear. The following post appeared on this thread from Nadeo game developer “Gugli,”

I made some tests : during your first installation, you should have seen a warning saying
“The directory XXXX already exists. Would you like to install to that directory anyway? ”

I admit this message could be more clear concerning the behaviour of the Uninstall process. I’ll see if it’s possible to change it to something more explicit (quite complicated though, because of localisations).

The other hand of the problem is : if we only delete installed files, the uninstall won’t be clean (an ulterior update can add files for example, those wouldn’t be deleted). Since the “clean uninstall” issue concern everyone, we still favour this method.

I hope you will understand our choice.

Later, forum moderator studio head (editor’s note: our apologies for the confusion -MF) “Hylis” chimed in with the following:

The may be a mistake here. We made many tests and many games so far, and it never came to our hears and I have never been aware of such report (does not mean it never existed) Or it is a new issue in the beta.

Whatever, we will try to improve this asap.

This conflict of information between a developer and the studio head is troubling. If  this is by design and as difficult to change as “Gugli” claims, their uninstallation software behaves differently than any other we’ve seen. For those that have already deleted ManiaPlanet 2.0 and lost data, there doesn’t seem to be a fix. For those that have installed it to occupied folders, you’re stuck with it for now (unless you move everything else out). If you haven’t installed it yet, either hold off until more information is available or be very cautious.

The one thing we can take from this is a glimpse at a QA tester’s life. Now we all know how frustrating getting a facepalm-inducing “working as intended” response from a developer can be.

via [CinemaBlend]