When news of an Avengers game leaked, fans may have hoped for a title worth of the superhero team, as the game was not set to release to capitalize on the success of the summer blockbuster film.  Regardless of its quality, they may not have expected the fighting game Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth to be that offering.

The Wii U and Kinect title set to release this fall looks to have some of the most popular Avengers and their infamous villains duking it out across a number of battlefields.  You can check out the screens below for yourself, as heroes battle foes and even each other.  A CGI trailer has also been embedded below, which captures the essence of characters like Iron Man and the Hulk that might make you want to go watch The Avengers again rather than play the game.

The idea of a motion-controlled brawler is certainly a strange direction for these characters, and from what I saw of the title at E3 it is a strange sight to watch a person mimic Hulk’s actions to use him in combat.  I’m curious to see how deep the fighting mechanics are, but my guess is the game is being made as accessible as possible with the team becoming a household name.  And unfortunately, I do not feel like jumping and smashing my fists to the ground in the middle of my living room to make Bruce Banner’s alter ego an effective combatant.  The screenshots demonstrate that the game is definitely going for a cartoonish look, but I can’t help but feel that the idea of the game works better as a cutscene (or two-hour film) than it does as an actual fighting game.