While the critically acclaimed steampunk puzzler Machinarium saw its PC release back in late 2009, the announced PlayStation 3 release has yet to be seen, and now, it looks like we may have yet another version to wait for. An ESRB listing for a PS Vita version of the game has been spotted, in addition to the listings for the PC, Mac, and PS3 versions. The game’s creator, Jakub Dvorsky, said that while obtaining an ESRB listing for a Vita version doesn’t necessarily mean that one is in the works, he and his team are interested in making this port happen. However, they have not yet heard back from Sony confirming that the company is interested in releasing the game on the handheld.

The PSN version of Machinarium was originally due in February of this year, and while that didn’t happen, a new release date is expected to be announced soon. That’s not really surprising, though, considering the game has a bit of a spotty history with console ports: the developers passed over making an Xbox 360 version of the game due to Microsoft‘s rule about titles released on Xbox Live needing a publisher, and the WiiWare version of the game was cancelled due to the size limit of the service. Portable versions, however, have had quite a bit more success: there are versions of the game on Apple‘s App Store, the Android Marketplace, and a version even released on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

My love and adoration of Machinarium is hard to describe, but it’s strong enough that I hope a version does release on the PS Vita. If I knew I was carrying around a version of that game in my pocket, it would totally make the Vita worth its price. Right now, though, I’d settle for a better update on the PSN release. Anything to give me an excuse to revisit the game; n1ot that I really need one.

via [Eurogamer]