The story of Ensemble Studios is a bit of a sad one. After creating four entries in their popular Age of Empires series, they were picked up by Microsoft in 2001 where they continued making Age of Empires games until they changed direction and created *sigh* Halo Wars. They were also working on the now cancelled Halo MMO (pictures of which you can still see here). The studio was shut down right after the release of Halo Wars in 2009, and Age of Empires was eventually reformatted as an online free-to-play game.

Out of the ashes though, Tony Goodman (one of Ensemble’s co-founders) created Robot Entertainment– the studio which released the popular Orcs Must Die and Hero Academy games; the former of which is receiving a sequel and the latter was recently announced to be coming to PC this August.

In the continuing effort to make neat games, Goodman has revealed a new studio he has been working on since late 2011: PeopleFun. The studio is designed to focus on mobile games with the beta of their first unannounced title coming up soon.

While the opening of a studio with no announced game may not seem exciting, the talent behind PeopleFun includes some of the old Ensemble team, including John Boog-Scott and Angelo Laudon. Considering that Goodman already has the wonderful Orcs Must Die, that’s certainly enough for people who enjoyed that game to perk up and look forward to what the team at PeopleFun has coming up.

via [Gamasutra]