There is something about well-produced live action that gets gamers’ blood pumping. Whether its the fantastic Halo advertisements or the more recent Darksiders II “The Last Sermon” trailer, seeing our favorite universes come to live is thrilling. The best of these aren’t big budget promotional films, though. The most exciting shorts we have seen come from the fan community, and Thousand Pounds Action Company leads the way with passion, precision and production value.

We’ve recently shared with you the group’s amazing Street Fighter x Tekken film entitled The Devil Within (also conveniently embedded below).


The group has also created a Naruto fan film that is equally impressive and faithful to the source material.



With over 13 million views across their work, it’s easy to speak with enthusiasm about the group’s new Kickstarter project, entitled Clandestine. The original story, a ten-part video project, explores a world of secretive clans that have been in existence since the dawn of human conflict. The protagonist, Adelene, discovers the truth of her heritage after four leaders of feuding clans are ambushed and murdered. The tale promises to be one of self-exploration and maturity as the street-smart heroine is thrust into a mysterious conflict. The Lion, Bear, Eagle and Wolf clans have different personalities, supernatural powers and fighting styles.

To make Clandestine happen, the group is seeking $75,000 in support from backers. We asked project lead Chris Cowan how that compared to past projects.

“Devil Within was around eight thousand dollars and Naruto got up to about five thousand. Kickstarter funds will be used for costumes, locations, equipment and talent that’s needed to fully tell the story that has been envisioned. After working with very little for so long, it will be a very nice change of pace.”

With 13 days remaining, they’ve raised just over $26,000 (33% of the goal). Things are on track, but Thousand Pounds still need help. Our hopes are high that with such and interesting premise and depth to the universe that if the video project is successful, we might see the world of Clandestine become an interactive experience. This is the kind of video game I would absolutely want to play. When we posed the idea to Cowan, he replied,

“There have been talks about a possible video game adaptation though nothing has been confirmed just yet.  Whether or not that means we retell the story or tell new or side stories are still up in the air as well.”

Take a look at the pitch video below, and be sure to head over to the Kickstarter page to get (humorous) answers to questions from project leads Chris Cowan and Haile Lee and check out some of the amazing teaser posters that are already available for your peepers. If you like what you see, and want to get access to an exclusive chat with the cast and crew, kick in $5 or, if you’ve already backed the project, increase your pledge by any amount. Act quickly, though. You need to have your cash in the door by 7 PM PST tomorrow (July 19, 2012) in order to secure your invitation.

The chat will be held on Twitch.TV and it promises to be a blast. You can find out for yourself at 5 PM PST on Friday July 20, 2012… if you pony up.

For us, this project is an exciting story with fantastic action. For the team at Thousand Pounds,

“[Clandestine] embodies everything we’ve loved about all of the different media that we’ve been influenced by, yet it will be an original story in which we’re allowed to run free. It’s definitely a dream playground.”