Despite being a key figure in the creation of two franchises known for player choice, Deus Ex and System Shock, Warren Spector is saying his latest title focusing on everyone’s favorite mouse takes player decisions more into consideration than any of his previous projects.

In discussing Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two at San Diego Comic-Con, Spector drove home the point that choice has become exponentially more important than in the original Mickey Mouse adventure, stating that it will take three playthroughs to see everything the game has to offer.  Each playthrough is meant to follow a different path, one in which players erase everything they can in each level with the thinner and another in which they use Mickey’s paint to rebuild each level completely.  The third path is meant to use a mix of these two main mechanics introduced in the first Epic Mickey, and for players who remain set on a particular path, Spector is promising they will be rewarded for their dedication.

Spector also said that players can “befriend or defeat everything in the game,” while continuing to emphasize how choices and their impacts have evolved in this franchise.  Though many may not expect such a dynamic system from Disney‘s mascot, if the added layers of complexity can mix well with the solid gameplay I experienced at E3, then I think we’re in for one of the mouse’s more enjoyable virtual outings.

As part of his discussion of the game, Spector also promised that the first game’s oft-maligned camera has been greatly improved, promising that Wii players will never have to even touch camera controls for it to work well.  Though I demoed the game on a PlayStation 3, for the few minutes I played I rarely did touch the right analog stick, so there is hope that the title will live up to this sentiment.

And as an added bonus, Spector said he already knows where he’d like to take a third entry in the series if the second sells well enough.  While I hope that title will mention its number three times as the second manages to squeeze “two” into the title twice, fans can find out if the game is worth of a follow-up when it releases on November 18 for PlayStation 3, PC, Wii and Xbox 360.