Over the weekend at San Diego Comic Con, Capcom announced that they’d be bringing their CPS2 arcade game adaptation of the popular manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Version on August 21st for PSN and August 22nd for XBLA. The rerelease brings online play to the game, allowing up to 8 players to be in a multiplayer lobby with each other in a style that’s very similar to the Super Street Fighter IV series. The game also features some graphical filters that allow you to change the way the game looks, although you can play with the original graphics in what’s going to be called “Arcade SD Mode.”

As of now, none of the new filters have been mentioned, although I suspect they’ll be the same options that were present in –Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition. For those unaware, the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series mainly follows the descendants of one man, with each person in his lineage having the supernatural power to summon beings known as Stands to fight with or for them. It has multiple stories that run through different timelines, with a total of over five major story arcs.

While I’m happy to see some of the older and more obscure of Capcom’s fighting games get a release, I’m not too happy about the price point. Capcom is charging a whopping $20 or 1600 Microsoft Points (the same price that new copies of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 are going for at game retailers) for JoJo’s, and I honestly can’t justify buying it at that price. I haven’t seen or heard anything that would indicate why the price is so high, but when most of Capcom’s remakes are at the $15 price point, why is this one different? Is Capcom trying to see if they can get away with charging for more, or is there some other underlying reason that hasn’t been mentioned?

Fans of the original game or the manga series may want to buy it, but considering it’s one of the more obscure of Capcoms fighting games, I can’t imagine that most casual players or even fighting game fans would be willing to drop that much money on it. It’s a shame though, because I think Jojo’s is a pretty unique title by Capcom that deserves recognition, but I can’t help but feel like they’re being silly by releasing JoJo’s at this price point. If anything, I’ll be waiting until Jojo’s goes on sale before I pick it up.